Friday, February 4, 2011

Keep Those Ears Ringing

As a small business owner in Vermont I think it's so vital that I advertise my business, just a little, each and every day. Some days this can be as simple as meeting someone on the street and telling them about what I do. Some days I create ads and send them out via the Chamber of Commerce. I hold an account with a local radio station. They have two commercials for me on file, and at any time I can call up the producer and say "hey, please run commercial xyz three times this week." It doesn't cost me that much, and the option is always available. No one said you have to pay out consistently, every day or every week. The idea is to mix it up and constantly hit new demographics. Earlier this week I decided "what the hay" and put together a discount promo which I then emailed to a list of 200 potential clients. Maybe I'll get a call, maybe I won't, but it hardly puts me out to try. If business doesn't grow, then it sits stagnant. And lordy, we can't have that! I work in the service industry; aka: I don't sell a product, so for me to receive one phone call or email a week from a potential new client, even if I don't necessarily book them, I feel like I'm doing really well. Not all advertising works all the time, so the idea is to keep it constant. Keep my name out there. Keep people talking. Eventually ... at some point, a person who genuinely needs my help, and is willing to pursue it, will listen ...

which begs the question, have you advertised your business today?