Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

It's so great that a lot of days are already booked. We are looking forward to what 2010 has to offer.
Lots and lots of businesses are already so excited about! It's amazing that so many people have showed their excitement, even before it's launched!!!

We are getting ready for the big launch tomorrow... Stay tuned!!!

2 days to go

We are very appreciative of all who are making possible!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wow! Only 3 more days!

Time has flown by! But we love it. Can't wait for the new year and the new venture.

A lot of people have asked why I am doing this whole thing. Well, I thought it was time to answer!
First off, I love Vermont businesses. As much as I complain about the weather, I do really enjoy VT. There's something special to a VT business. Most people are very friendly, most businesses have that family feel, and everyone is looking to better themselves and business. I'm not going to say that I've never bought from a big box store, however when ever I do, I feel a sense of guilt for not buying from a VT business. It's the little businesses who make a difference to the great slogan 'BUY LOCAL'. I can really appreciate that slogan and know that other VT businesses do as well.
The other reason that I wanted to do this was I also love marketing, branding and people. Social media is hot right now, so what better way to market a business then with social media. I'm not an expert at social media and will be the first to admit that, however I do know that I'm getting the hang of it and will enjoy working towards perfection.
I really wanted to do something that would help make a difference to people in the community and do something exciting and new. This has been quite an experience so far and I can't wait for the big launch on 1/1/10!

I also wanted to share an email that i received from a VT business that has signed on with us to have their business promoted:
"Thanks again for all you are doing for me and the small business owners of Vermont.". - Sarah B

It's my pleasure!!! I look forward to all that 2010 has to offer to all of us!

Monday, December 28, 2009

4 more days! ...and our views

Good evening! Only 4 more days until we launch our new marketing campaign for VT businesses through social media and our website. We are still booking days at low prices, so be sure to call us at (802) 324-1201 to book your day and/or ask questions. Also, a reminder that some of our FAQs are listed on

Here are our views on social media:

Short, sweet & to the point!

Quick comments that will attract people to your business. Your contact information, sales and/or promotions can hit a lot of people with very little effort.

A few words does it!
Once you initially get the attention of the prospect, then you can explain your company in more detail. Easy explanations of what your business is all about. It doesn't need to be drawn out in complex form.

People share, people talk!
People can easily pass the information on with just a click of the mouse. You're information, comments, tweets, etc will travel to others fast! Relaxed marketing within a social environment is more comforting then being bombarded with business information.

New and exciting!
People on twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc are possibly a whole different market then those who you are already hitting with other means of marketing. Social media is hot right now, exciting and still pretty new. People are exciting about being on twitter and Facebook and are on it... A LOT!

Timing is everything
You can market with social media at all times of the day. If you happen to be up at 3am, but your time to use! We're not saying that you need to be awake 24/7, however if you want to promote your business and happen to have a free moment, but that time to good purpose!

People feel special when they communicate with a company. Especially if they can just chat with to someone. It might be about the business, or commenting on how the weather is outside. Either way, people feel more of a connection when they can just type how they are feeling or what's on their mind. Social media is also a great way to get some customer/client insight on your company!

It's one of the cheapest ways of marketing!
Enough said!!!

You get the idea, we think that social media is key for any business. It's a great way to promote yourself, get your information out there and interact with consumers.

5 more days!

5 more days! We've been booking more days and have been sending lots of emails to get the year filled with VT businesses! Be sure to check in Monday for our views on the benefits of marketing with social media!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


6 more days!!!

An we're still excited! has many FAQs for you! Get an overview of what we're doing for VT businesses starting 1/1/10.

Met with a great VT business today in Williston! Stay tuned to find out who it was... You'll get to know a VT business each day of the year.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! One week left...

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone enjoyed being with family and friends! We have had an amazing day being with our loved ones.

7 days left until our big launch of! Only one more week of waiting! Be sure to pass along our web address to family and friends. We greatly appreciate it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

8 more days until the BIG LAUNCH!

8 more days to go!

We are getting ready for Christmas with our families and still very excited for our launch of in 8 days!
Have a great holiday! Be safe and enjoy those close to you!

Happy holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Only 9 more days until our big launch! A few more days have been booked, so if you are a VT business, or want something in VT promoted, be sure to call (802) 324-1201 or email us at soon!

January is almost booked. Many people are wondering if January is a good time to be promoted through, and here are a couple of our thoughts:
One reason to list your business with us during the month of January is that it is much cheaper, (as the year goes on, the price goes up - learn more at therefore, if you're even thinking about this new and exciting way of promoting your VT business, it's a cost effective solution! The second reason to promote your VT business in January is that we are all about the slogan 'BUY LOCAL'. As this is a new venture within our Marketing Division, we want you to put your marketing dollars back in VT! We are very determined and loyal to! We stand behind what we do 110%. You won't be sorry!!!

We look forward to all that has to offer and can't wait until January 1, 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10 days until is launched!

How exciting! I can't believe the day is almost here. We'll be promoting one great VT business each and every day of 2010! If you're a VT business and want in on the promoting, excitement and fun, you still have time to reserve your day! Contact us soon though, 2010 is filling up fast! Call (802) 324-1201 or send an email to!!!

10 days to go!!! Whoooohoooo!!!!!!

An introduction...

Good evening! I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little about

My name is Mauranda Dalziel. I live in Jericho, Vermont with my husband and daughter. I love my family, friends, working, meeting new people and laughing! I am the owner of VIP Consulting, LLC. We have 2 divisions: our Marking Division is aimed towards small business owners and our Events Division is geared towards brides and grooms-to-be as well as providing event planning services to many different types of events within Vermont. All of those involved in VIP Consulting absolutely LOVE our job! We have fun and know how to make a difference. We work very hard at what we do and take great pride in our excellent customer service and honesty. In addition to these 2 division, VIP Consulting, LLC is the home of! is a new and exciting marketing campaign that will begin on January 10, 2010 to promote businesses in VT!

Take a look at our FAQs:

What we do:

We take your company information (what you do, who you are, why people need to know about you) and share that info with people on twitter, facebook and our blog for one day. Each and every day of the year (including holidays and weekends), we promote one business. Some days we will take pictures of ourselves with a product of a business, if available. Other days we might do video - or, we might just type a lot of cool stuff about a VT business. If you have a promotional or marketing item that you want me to take pictures of/with or hold up during the video, etc, send it to me and I’ll share it.
It’s a great ‘break the ice’ type of marketing strategy. Maybe the people that we are communicating with have never heard of you before, or maybe they have heard of you but don’t know what you do. Or - it could just be a refresher that you are a great company that they need to do business with. Either way, it’s targeting people in the area. We only promote VT businesses. The great slogan of ‘BUY LOCAL’ is huge for us. We are a VT business promoting other VT businesses.

How much does it cost:
Each day of the year, the costs goes up one dollar, starting at $1 on January 1st.
So, January 1 costs $1, January 31 costs $31, February 1 costs $32, December 31 costs $365. It’s really an easy system…

What if I want to book a day:
Give us a call at (802) 324-1201 or send an email to The days are selling fast, so call us TODAY!

How do I pay you:
Paypal is preferred. OR - you can mail us a check! When we chat I'll let you know the address if that's what works for you.

Why should I do this:
It doesn’t cost much and it WILL work! The beginning of the year costs less because we will have less people that we will be targeting, however, as we market ourselves along with other great and fabulous VT businesses, the word WILL get out and more people will be following us and keeping up with our blog. Therefore, as the year goes by, the cost goes up, as will the amount of people who are checking in to see what business we are promoting that day.

Will I really get any business:
I’d like to hope so! But, remember that one HUGE part of marketing your business is getting your name out there. This is just another way to do that. Your phone probably won’t ring off the hook the day that your business is promoted, however it will get your company into the minds of those following us. And, don’t forget - PEOPLE TALK!...A LOT!... So, one person who follows us might tell a friend who tells a family member who tells another friend, therefore, the word is out!

Do you promote anything else besides VT businesses:
YES! Of course we do! Maybe you are selling a home, a sports team is having a big game or a fundraiser is happening that you want promoted. We mainly are going to be promoting businesses, however we will also be GLAD to promote many other things.

What’s the fine print:
We like to have fun, enjoy our lives and our work. We enjoy talking with people of all shapes and sizes. We live in VT and know what VT is all about. We know that VT is a great place with happy business owners and we want to help them make lots of money and enjoy their work as well!

We look forward to 2010 in all that we do! Please be sure to keep in touch! We appreciate you visiting our blog!!!