Thursday, July 29, 2010

We work hard so you don't have to.

I wish I could say I knew what I wanted to do from childhood on. I wish I could say I had an MBA in communications and marketing. I suppose I could say it ... but I'd be lying. Cambridge Event & Design wasn't born of any lifelong drive. It was born of timing, necessity, and convenient work-experience. I've been in business for myself for only a year now. I know ... never admit such things ... but it's the truth. That's not to say I've only been doing this work for a year. On the contrary, somehow, someway, regardless of where I've been employed in the past or what my job description was, I always ended up being the business's "marketing girl." I never received the official title (and monetary compensation) of course, but the responsibility has repeatedly fallen on my shoulders. I'd like to think it's because I'm good at it. Actually ... I will think that ... sound like a plan?

When I found myself abruptly unemployed last summer I was faced with three options.

1. Go on unemployment: not all that desirable, and considering I'm a single mother of three, not all that responsible either.
2. Jump back in and hit the streets applying for jobs. I started this, a little. I put my resume out and got in touch with some key people, but my heart wasn't in it.
3. Take a chance, jump in with both feet, and make a go at working for myself.

And here we are.

Cambridge Event & Design is an events and marketing company that I run out of my home in Jeffersonville, VT. My overhead is low, and so are my prices. I coordinate events ranging from weddings to parades to family festivals and fundraisers. Events are fun ... they're exciting and frankly there's nothing better than seeing smiles on children's faces, but they aren't the backbone of this business. Marketing is what gets me by and it's what keeps me going. I really enjoy the design aspect of putting together ads, packaging, signs and banners, logos ... you name it. I have a special kinship with my computer and my design software that most people don't have. It's silly, I know, but I honestly do LOVE what I do. Lucky me. Lucky you.

For samples of my work and more information please visit

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stop Horsing Around

You wouldn't trust just anyone to perform surgery on your foot ... so why would you trust just anyone to shoe your horse? The fact is that a proper fit is essential to your horse's health and performance. If you're looking for the best, you needn't look any further than Next Generation Hoofcare, based in Jeffersonville, VT. Next Generation Hoofcare is owned and operated by Chad Blasch. Chad studied at Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine, Farrier Science in New York, and studied under Michael Wildenstein, the most examined and accomplished master farrier living today. During his time there he was thoroughly trained in the latest techniques of thereputic and performance shoeing and trimming for all levels and disciplines of equine activities. He worked directly with the Large Animal Hospital, coordinating with Veterinarians and owners to provide the highest quality hoofcare available. Now Chad is back home in Vermont, and offering his extraordinary services here.

The services he offers include trimming, hot shoeing and glue on shoes. Also, Next Generation Hoofcare is one of the few farriers in this state that has a strong background in therapeutic applications.

For more information on Next Generation Hoofcare or to meet the man who should be shoeing your horse, visit!/pages/Jeffersonville-VT/Next-Generation-Hoofcare/136296233059819?v=info&ref=ts&__a=17&ajaxpipe=1 or call Next Generation Hoofcare at 802-644-5303.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lowest of Tides

There are so many struggling musicians in this world ... as a matter of fact, there are so many struggling musicians in VERMONT. Yet here I am promoting one such band over the others. Why, you ask? Well because I believe in this band. Lowest of Tides isn't exactly my kind of music but ... and I don't know that they fit into any specific genre but ... Wait ... what's my problem? How about I allow them to describe themselves?

"We are the unlikely combination of men from very different walks of life, testing and experimenting with the boundaries and limits of our own creative minds. Lacking any sort of marriage to one particular sound or genre, we met under very unlikely and ironic circumstances. We are an amalgam of youth and experience, a mix of beauty and ugliness, a representation of the duality of darkness and light. We are not the first or the last to use music as a conduit for the search of a higher truth, or a greater consciousness. We cannot claim precedent in our dual use of hypnotic ambient interludes and brutally heavy and dissonant tones. All we can do is create, for we are only governed by the restraints of our own knowledge and capacity, which through many mediums respective to each member grows everyday. It is in this fact that illustrates the difference between ‘them’ and us, for we will take you on a journey, our own journey of the internal and innate parts of the human psyche. We will carry you with us and shield you from the blinding light as we discover more about ourselves and the ever-changing environment we live in. We are completely and wholly open to you, if you will have us."

There you have it. Lowest of Tides performs their first ever album release show this Saturday night at Manhatten Pizza. First band goes on at 9 with LOT immediately following. If you're looking for a fun night out, well there it is. Visit for more info on the men who make me dizzy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making it Homemade, Cont'

It's amazing really when two people from varied upbringings find themselves together and passionate about the same thing: creating. The Mill and Anvil is one such partnership, between best friends and spouses Chad and Linda Blasch. Linda works hard at her sewing machine or in the kitchen. Mixing ingredients and pairing fabrics to build beautiful high-quality products. Meanwhile Chad is hard at work with fire and metal, forging both classic and abstract metalwork pieces for the home and garden.

Today we highlight Chad Blasch, one half of The Mill and Anvil, for his hard work and passion at molding beauty. See more on The Mill and Anvil's blog at or visit one of the Cambridge Area Farmer's Markets to see the people and the products in person.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making it Homemade

Sometimes in life we meet people randomly who end up sticking around for a while. It was one such random encounter that led me to Chad and Linda Blasch, a newlywed couple living in Jeffersonville, VT. Since I met the Blasch's last year their lives have gone through some major changes. Linda quit her 9-5 office job and Chad decided to strike out on his own doing what he does best, forging and farrier work. It was during this transition that the couple decided it was time to make a go at living off of what they love, and so The Mill and Anvil was born.

Linda is an accomplished seamstress specializing in handbags, wallets, sacks, backpacks and duffles. She's also tried her hand at mixing herbs and essential oils to create scented body products. She's currently interning at Way Out Wax, based in Morrisville, VT to learn the ropes of candle making.

Chad has been forging metals for years. He attended Cornell's veterinary school and gained his credentials in Farrier Science. He's since expanded on his work to include designer housewares. More on Chad later ... today is Linda's day to shine.

The Mill and Anvil:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Capturing Memories

Finding a photographer who's passionate about their work isn't too difficult. Finding a photographer who's passionate about their work, AND good at what they do ... harder, but still doable. Now imagine finding a passionate, high quality photographer who's great at what they do, yet won't demand your first born child in return for a portrait sitting or wedding photography. Now THAT is a great find. Introducing Black River Photography of Waterville, VT.

Black River Photography is a professional studio that was founded on the premise of providing high quality photos for reasonable prices. This still holds true even today. They specialize in weddings, senior portraits, family portraits and landscapes.

The quality is truly breathtaking, and you won't find any professional who charges less. Check out and see what Black River Photography can do for you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We all need an electrician ...

Here's my story: Two years ago I bought a basic Hunter ceiling fan at Home Depot. After the box sat on my dining room table for about a month I got tired of looking at it and decided to put the fan together. This took me maybe 30 minutes and there I had a beautiful cherry-blade and aged bronze ceiling fan ... sitting on my dining room table. The fan has since migrated about the house. If only I had a closet big enough ... but I don't. Post-dining-room-table it sat in the corner of the living room for a bit, but after the kids realized it could be colored on with markers it got moved again. It moved onto the front enclosed porch, in the corner, as far from daily traffic as I could possibly get it. I did periodically trip over it when vacuuming and the blades have been chewed on a bit by the cat. Who knew that the finished product would actually be about 3 times bigger than the fan-in-a-box? That lasted two years.

I'm pretty handy around the house. I do my own painting and some light carpentry. I've been known to lay glue-down flooring and patch plaster walls ... but I'm no electrician. Finally I gave up the dream of eventually hanging the fan myself and I called Matt Schoop, Journeyman Electrician. Matt laughed at my plight ... and I don't blame him. He was in my living room less than a week later and the fan was in. He even patched up the holes he'd had to make to wire up into the 120 year old ceiling that had never before seen electrical wiring. Now I have a fan ... and thank god, because it's been toasty warm around here.

I'm the first person to admit that hiring contractors to work on your home can be tough. It seems like every Tom, Dick (and Jane!) is out there claiming quality craftsmanship and trying to make a buck off your household situation. What else can the responsible homeowner do but rely on word-of-mouth and others' recommendations?

Well here it is: I recommend Matt Schoop, Journeyman Electrician for your household, commercial, and petroleum industry electrical needs. His rates are reasonable, he's a totally pleasant guy to be around, trustworthy, bright, and gets the job done right the first time. Give him a call and see for yourself. 802-644-6475

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where does your music come from?

If it's from someplace real, someplace organic, from the soul, then it should be from Green Mountain Drums. Green Mountain Drums isn't just another drum company. Green Mountain Drums is owned and operated by a musician like you. A musician who is passionate about the sound, the quality, and the music.

This isn't your teen's drum set. Green Mountain Drums produces only custom, high-end professional products. Whether you only want a good snare or to splurge on the whole set, Green Mountain Drums can design the instruments for you.

The hoops are built in-house of select Vermont maple. The hardware is custom-designed and tooled on-site of high-grade stainless steel. Together these materials bring you the crispest and purest sound. Visit to read testimonials from musicians who've already discovered quality, or call 802-644-5050 to learn how you can discover quality yourself.