Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Top Ten Mistakes Most Businesses Make

I attended this fantastic marketing workshop today. It was sponsored by the Vermont SBDC and Lamoille Economic Development Corp., and the speaker was a woman named Amy Mattinat, who is the unlikely owner of Auto Craftsmen car repair in Montpelier. I have to say, I've sat through a multitude of marketing workshops, some better than others, and I found this one to be incredibly helpful and more than worth the $25 fee. Plus, duh, they offered free donuts and coffee.

I'd like to share a smidgen of what I learned today. Below are the top 10 mistakes most businesses make.

#10: Continuing to do something the same way but expecting different results. Consequently, this is also the definition of insanity.

#9: Trying to reinvent the wheel.

#8: Not spending time on marketing.

#7: Not understanding that marketing is math. Track your numbers!

#6: Not having a marketing plan and not keeping it flexible.

#5: Copying your competitors ... just because.

#4: Marketing too big or to the wrong target market. Also known as 'shotgun advertising.'

#3: Using the wrong media or choosing media advertising over your own current and prospective clients list.

#2: Image advertising versus call to action advertising.

#1: Not staying in touch with your current and past clients. (Your biggest fans)

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