Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 15, 2010 - With In U Life Coaching

Coaching offers you a unique opportunity to become clearer in your visions and purposeful in your actions. Working together as your partner, Helen Hipp from With In U Life Coaching will work through the complexities that arise as you start becoming more independent. You
will explore new directions and put your life together YOUR way. Call (802) 899-2128
or email

Are you tired of people telling you, you can’t do things your way? Don’t know where to begin because what works for other people does not work for you? Choices and advice have left you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stuck but nobody’s listening?
Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? Contact Helen Hipp at With In U Life Coaching.

The consultation is free and there is absolutely no obligation.
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