Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 19, 2010 - David & Tonia Kickert / Herbalife

What did you have for breakfast today? A healthy breakfast is SO important! Start your day with our amazing protein shakes to sustain energy, build lean muscle, and feel FABULOUS all day! Perfect nutrition on the GO - Fast Food for Smart People!! Contact David & Tonia Kickert for more information! Phone: (802) 933-8506 / (802) 393-2197 Email:

"Cellular nutrition is the body’s ability to filter nutrients out of supplemental products and specialized shakes. Many other diet products offer shakes and supplemental pills however, the key difference with Herbalife is that there are NO side effects and the body absorbs 100% of everything it is introduced to." -- David & Tonia Kickert

"I’ve learned that the more metabolism you have, the better your weight loss will be. This has amazed all my relatives and friends. In just over 4-months, I’ve lost 125-lbs and went from a size 52” waist down to a 36” waist. My energy is to the moon!!" -- From Sean, an actual user of Herbalife!

November '08: Weight 280 lbs, used a sleep apnea machine, blood pressure 180/90, High Cholesterol - 185 / February '09: Weight 240 lbs, no sleep apnea, blood pressure 110/70, High Cholesterol - 125. Another actual story of a man, Steve, who used Herbalife!

Herbalife skincare and hair care products will leave you looking and feeling your best. Discover how these unique products build on the benefits of good nutrition while balancing nutrients for the outside. Contact David & Tonia Kickert! Phone: (802) 933-8506 / (802) 393-2197 Email:

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