Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Only 9 more days until our big launch! A few more days have been booked, so if you are a VT business, or want something in VT promoted, be sure to call (802) 324-1201 or email us at soon!

January is almost booked. Many people are wondering if January is a good time to be promoted through, and here are a couple of our thoughts:
One reason to list your business with us during the month of January is that it is much cheaper, (as the year goes on, the price goes up - learn more at therefore, if you're even thinking about this new and exciting way of promoting your VT business, it's a cost effective solution! The second reason to promote your VT business in January is that we are all about the slogan 'BUY LOCAL'. As this is a new venture within our Marketing Division, we want you to put your marketing dollars back in VT! We are very determined and loyal to! We stand behind what we do 110%. You won't be sorry!!!

We look forward to all that has to offer and can't wait until January 1, 2010!

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