Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Helping Build Up Our Local Community

The Buyer's Market is about so much more than just business advertising. TBM is about building community, helping others and making Vermont a better place. One dollar out of every membership paid each month is pooled and used to help fund community projects throughout this state.

"Although The Buyers Market will remain politically and religiously neutral, we do have a great respect for the community and all the wonderful people in it. So if you know of a project that will benefit your town or our state, please send an email and let us know. We're looking for interesting projects that may need either some of our services at a reduced rate, or some seed money to get something built or started. It could be something small like stocking the shelves at the local food shelf, or paying one of our handymen or women to deliver or pick up something needed at a non profit. Maybe your school or daycare needs some playground equipment fixed up. And we hope it grows to be able to look at some lofty goals too. I would like to see some space acquired that could be used by The Buyers Market members as a kind of
swap meet space for your yard sale items, and a tool refurbishing shop that could buy your old unwanted tools and equipment, fix them up, and then rent them back to the members at the prices we used to pay when it made more sense to rent than to buy. Remember when you could rent a cement mixer or wood splitter for $10 a day? I've been working on a plan to recycle old worn out tires. If we could take them from TBM members for free and recycle them, what a bonus to the membership that would be. Could we save a family farm and turn it into an organic supplier of vegetables and meat for the members? At greatly reduced prices for the members. With some money and good ideas, think about what we could accomplish!"

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