Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saving Money for Yourself and Others

Small businesses thrive on word of mouth advertising. It's a fact. You can spend all the time and money in the world advertising your company through newspaper, radio, television and direct mail, and that'll do you some good for sure ... but if just one person out there feels the desire to tell their friends and colleagues about a great experience they had with your company ... you're golden. Word-of-mouth advertising is the basis of The Buyer's Market. By buying into the program you are making an agreement with The Buyer's Market that they will tell people about your business in exchange for you telling people about theirs. There's more ... in an effort to reward small business owners for their efforts, The Buyer's Market is offering a profit-sharing plan that you simply CAN NOT PASS UP.

"People love to tell others when they find a great deal and save money. We also can't wait to tell everyone we know about a business that treated us well, honestly, and priced their service fairly.

At The Buyers Market, we not only rely on "word of mouth" advertising, but we reward you for it! If a successful business spends upwards of 20% on advertising then why not us!

Difference is, we spend it on the best advertising we could get, YOU!

So here is how it works...

if you know someone who has a service or product that you think would benefit by joining us in The Buyers Market, let them know and let us know! We will contact them to see if they can benefit from us advertising for them. All we need from you is their company name and a way to contact them (either a phone number or address). We will take it from there! Or perhaps you know a few individuals who need to stretch their money a little farther each month. We can most likely save them many times more then the $10 they'll spend on the membership -- usually within one use of service! Again, let them know and let us know!

When they sign up and pay their membership, you will get $1 for each and everyone that signs up as a result of your introduction. And, not just once! You will continue to get $1 for each month that they remain a member. All you need to do to keep those checks coming in, is to continue your membership. You do the 'work' once, but continue to benefit and build a residual monthly income. It doesn't stop there! Because you got the ball rolling, you will also be paid on all of the referrals that they make. That's right - those that sign up under that those that signed up because of you, you will get .50 cents per person, per month! And, you didn't even do the 'work'! ...

Now think about this - If you like the membership and use the services, you are saving money. If you have a business, you also get to advertise and bring many more customers to you. Now you're making money! Then, if you know just 2 people that you think could benefit from The Buyers Market membership and refer them to us, you put in motion a pay back plan that will eventually cover the cost of your own membership. All of this is being accomplished with just $10/month!"

For more information on The Buyer's Market Profit-Sharing Plan call Larry Brothers at 802-291-4783 or visit

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