Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back To Basics

Remember the days when a gentleman's handshake was as good as gold? We didn't need contracts, up-front deposits paid in full, OR small claims court. Once upon a time there was a time when people and small businesses worked together to help each other out. When good for me and good for you meant good for everyone involved. One man with a vision is working hard to recreate these circumstances. His name is Larry Brothers. Larry, with help from several small business owners who share his vision, has brought to life The Buyer's Market. In his words, The Buyer's Market is "a conscientious approach to an opportunity born out of necessity. A grassroots approach to back to basics marketing. Marketing based on the fundamental ideal of 'providing value to the community, while making a living for yourself and family.'"

Here's how it works: Small businesses through-out Vermont subscribe to a Buyer's Market membership. This membership only costs them $10 per month. Here's what it gets them:

-Seamless and constant advertising via the Buyer's Market website (www.thebuyersmarketvt.com).

-Inclusion in regularly updated fliers and emails offering members and potential members information on products and services that YOU and other members are offering.

-Not only will you be advertising your own business to a growing number of fellow members, but you will have access to other member's products and services, often at incredible discounts. The Buyer's Market will periodically update you with information on new members and fantastic deals.

Think of The Buyer's Market as a growing network of small businesses and people throughout Vermont, who want to work together on saving each other money, time, and headache.

There's more ...

* Tomorrow we will discuss The Buyer's Market Community Project Fund, and

* Thursday you will learn how YOU can take advantage of The Buyer's Market Profit Sharing plan, or even become a member of The Buyer's Market Advisory Board yourself.

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