Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where does your music come from?

If it's from someplace real, someplace organic, from the soul, then it should be from Green Mountain Drums. Green Mountain Drums isn't just another drum company. Green Mountain Drums is owned and operated by a musician like you. A musician who is passionate about the sound, the quality, and the music.

This isn't your teen's drum set. Green Mountain Drums produces only custom, high-end professional products. Whether you only want a good snare or to splurge on the whole set, Green Mountain Drums can design the instruments for you.

The hoops are built in-house of select Vermont maple. The hardware is custom-designed and tooled on-site of high-grade stainless steel. Together these materials bring you the crispest and purest sound. Visit to read testimonials from musicians who've already discovered quality, or call 802-644-5050 to learn how you can discover quality yourself.

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  1. One more stunning example of beautiful workmanship - and soul - in Vermont!