Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lowest of Tides

There are so many struggling musicians in this world ... as a matter of fact, there are so many struggling musicians in VERMONT. Yet here I am promoting one such band over the others. Why, you ask? Well because I believe in this band. Lowest of Tides isn't exactly my kind of music but ... and I don't know that they fit into any specific genre but ... Wait ... what's my problem? How about I allow them to describe themselves?

"We are the unlikely combination of men from very different walks of life, testing and experimenting with the boundaries and limits of our own creative minds. Lacking any sort of marriage to one particular sound or genre, we met under very unlikely and ironic circumstances. We are an amalgam of youth and experience, a mix of beauty and ugliness, a representation of the duality of darkness and light. We are not the first or the last to use music as a conduit for the search of a higher truth, or a greater consciousness. We cannot claim precedent in our dual use of hypnotic ambient interludes and brutally heavy and dissonant tones. All we can do is create, for we are only governed by the restraints of our own knowledge and capacity, which through many mediums respective to each member grows everyday. It is in this fact that illustrates the difference between ‘them’ and us, for we will take you on a journey, our own journey of the internal and innate parts of the human psyche. We will carry you with us and shield you from the blinding light as we discover more about ourselves and the ever-changing environment we live in. We are completely and wholly open to you, if you will have us."

There you have it. Lowest of Tides performs their first ever album release show this Saturday night at Manhatten Pizza. First band goes on at 9 with LOT immediately following. If you're looking for a fun night out, well there it is. Visit for more info on the men who make me dizzy.

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