Thursday, July 15, 2010

We all need an electrician ...

Here's my story: Two years ago I bought a basic Hunter ceiling fan at Home Depot. After the box sat on my dining room table for about a month I got tired of looking at it and decided to put the fan together. This took me maybe 30 minutes and there I had a beautiful cherry-blade and aged bronze ceiling fan ... sitting on my dining room table. The fan has since migrated about the house. If only I had a closet big enough ... but I don't. Post-dining-room-table it sat in the corner of the living room for a bit, but after the kids realized it could be colored on with markers it got moved again. It moved onto the front enclosed porch, in the corner, as far from daily traffic as I could possibly get it. I did periodically trip over it when vacuuming and the blades have been chewed on a bit by the cat. Who knew that the finished product would actually be about 3 times bigger than the fan-in-a-box? That lasted two years.

I'm pretty handy around the house. I do my own painting and some light carpentry. I've been known to lay glue-down flooring and patch plaster walls ... but I'm no electrician. Finally I gave up the dream of eventually hanging the fan myself and I called Matt Schoop, Journeyman Electrician. Matt laughed at my plight ... and I don't blame him. He was in my living room less than a week later and the fan was in. He even patched up the holes he'd had to make to wire up into the 120 year old ceiling that had never before seen electrical wiring. Now I have a fan ... and thank god, because it's been toasty warm around here.

I'm the first person to admit that hiring contractors to work on your home can be tough. It seems like every Tom, Dick (and Jane!) is out there claiming quality craftsmanship and trying to make a buck off your household situation. What else can the responsible homeowner do but rely on word-of-mouth and others' recommendations?

Well here it is: I recommend Matt Schoop, Journeyman Electrician for your household, commercial, and petroleum industry electrical needs. His rates are reasonable, he's a totally pleasant guy to be around, trustworthy, bright, and gets the job done right the first time. Give him a call and see for yourself. 802-644-6475

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  1. Everyone will need an electrician at one point. Whether you own a house or rent it, an electrical issue will occur. That is the inevitable fact that we must face. Electricians should have the tech savvy to take on any problems in the electrical field.
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