Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010 - Sperry Tents of Vermont

Sperry Tents of Vermont
(802) 279-2646

One of a kind in wedding and party tents...
Sperry Tents of Vermont are elegant and functional companions to the New England Landscape. Sperry Tents are the natural choice for your wedding or special occasion. Hand sewn sailcloth sweeps from tall peaks while the stately wooden poles accentuate their graceful curves. From within, Sperry Tents are artistic, outside, with their ever present signature pennant flags, they are poetic.

Click here for much more information about the fabulous tents that Sperry Tents has to offer!

Sperry Tents of Vermont offers more then just tents! Click here to view the accessories that they have to offer! Beautiful and magical!!

Contact Sperry Tents of Vermont today for a quote - (802) 279-2646 / peter@sperrytentsvt.com

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