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January 4, 2010 - Chef Courtney Contos

Today we will be highlighting a great chef in Vermont, Chef Courtney Contos. Chef Contos is an experienced culinary coach and is available to coach you in the comfort of your own home. Set up a session with her today for either a face to face session, or remotely! Take a look at her very informative website:, or her blog:

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Chef Courtney Contos, executive chef for the Cook Academy at The Essex Resort & Spa since 2006, loves to teach people how to cook. Chef Contos has a hospitality and culinary arts degree from Chicago's Kendall College. After she graduated from college in 1998, Chef Contos was recruited by Charlie Trotter to become a full-time chef. Charlie Trotter recognized her talent, passion and creativity with new dishes. Trotter went a step further and recognized her by having Chef Contos assist him with his national cooking show. Following her position at "Trotters", Chef Contos opened her very own business. She traveled throughout the US with a mission of preparing gourmet parties for well-known clients. Her work included flower arranging, table decorating, providing experienced wait staff, wine paring and importantly, menu development and flawless meal preparation. The services that Chef Courtney Contos offered, are still called upon today. No matter how large, small or intimate these parties were, Chef Contos was delivering excellent services and her passion continued to grow for all things culinary.
Chef Courtney Contos has even tested recipes for Martha Stewart's magazine "Every Day Food" - 2002 while she was in New York City.

In addition to her business, Chef Contos was the culinary instructor at The Chopping Block Cooking Schools in Chicago from 2003 through 2006. She enjoyed teaching cooking classes, with a hands-on demonstration environment, for approximately sixteen attendants.

Chef Courntey Contos didn't stop with the above accomplishments. Along with her own business, she further went on to join the blogging world in 2006. In 2008, she wrote the initial "Cooking Fresh" article in Edible Green Mountains Magazine. Stay tuned to a national "Edibles Cookbook", in print 2010, for some of her own recipes.

Over the years, you may have seen Chef Contos on many TV cooking segments. She takes great pride in also appearing on local TV to provide seasonal recipes, including those with ingredients of farm fresh foods from Vermont. Her enthusiasm has also spread to bee keeping, maple sugaring, and organic vegetable and fruit gardening. Chef Contos is in the process of developing her first cookbook, yet unnamed, as her passion for food writing has also been never-ending.

So, where did Chef Courtney Contos begin her passion for all things culinary?
When Chef Contos was very young, she admired the work of her father while being at his side at one of Chicago's finest restaurants, Chez Paul, a family restaurant open from 1948-1992. There is where her love for culinary began and her understanding of the restaurant businesses developed.

All in all, Chef Contos is incredible experienced, and overall, enjoys what she does as a chef. Let her bring her passion to you through her coaching.

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