Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010 - Efusjon Energy Club

TJ Chelak Jr.
Phone: (802) 363-1541

efusjon is a brand new company. They officially launch Jan 30th when they kick off they International tour prior to the Winter Olympics in CANADA!! With this company being new (well, 67,000 people have walked through the doors so far) TJ's connection to the retired VP of Dean Witter Financials who brought him into the company, his friend Peter Hawks, has him positioned with only 1000 of those 67,000 people above him. Meaning, if you were on your way to a football game and waiting in line to get into the game and you were the 1000th person in line and those other 66,000 people had to pass a dollar up to you, that would make you very happy. That is what he is trying to offer his friends and family - a position in this company. Not if, but when, this company becomes hugely successful, it would be extremely safe to say the people who jump on board are really well off!!! That's the biz side of it...

What really matters, is the health side of it. Everybody we know should be consuming these antioxidants to prevent cancer and other disease!! How do you make people believers??? LISTEN TO THIS: TJ's close friend Eric who had inoperable brain cancer didn't hesitate - studies have shown just the Acai Berry alone kills 83% of cancer cells in test tube experiments.

Here's my take on the whole thing:
As far as the taste goes - I was SHOCKED! I am incredibly picky!!! So, when TJ first wanted me to try one of these drinks, I was actually quite nervous. But, to my amazement, they really are good. My husband and I tried 3 of them at first, and we both really enjoyed the taste. It's quite smooth and refreshing!

I'll be taking a couple of pictures today of me drinking efusjon! Stay tuned!!

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