Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010 - Comfort Cookies

Comfort Cookies started as a ‘fluke’ in 2006 with one flavor: Chocolate Chip. Friends had been telling them for years to try and sell their cookie because they thought it was delicious. After reading an article in the NY Times about home-bakers, they realized it was possible and so Comfort Cookies was born! Today Comfort Cookies has grown to 30 flavors…including Gluten Free varieties.

Gluten-Free Comfort Cookies came about because people said, “Your cookies look really good but I cannot have wheat.” So in the Fall of 2009, they started experimenting with wheat-free flours. They have gotten inspiring feedback and so this has sparked them to try to keep adding more flavors!

They love to do tastings/demos for their cookies because they love meeting people, listening to their ideas AND they want folks to sample before they buy. Also in meeting them, they can see who they are ‘supporting’ when they purchase a Comfort Cookie. They really do believe that the world is a big community and we need to put their efforts where their mouths are. They find a lot of people in Vermont think like them and that is one of the primary reasons they moved here last year. People talk about the cold weather in Vermont but they tell folks the ‘warmth of the people’ here more than makes up for it!

They believe in kindness, compassion and passion! They believe in volunteerism and advocacy and see their cookies as an avenue to continue supporting the fight against hunger, child abuse and pediatric cancer and other related childhood diseases.

Comfort Cookies also made a vow 3 years ago to continue sending ‘Care Packages’ overseas to the men and women who proudly support our country in war-torn places like Iraq and Afghanistan. So far, they have been able to keep that promise. If anyone has an APO/FRP address they can pass it along to and they will gladly add it to their list.

You HAVE to try their cookies! They are amazing! Very soft and scrumptious!

Don't forget that Valentine's Day is right around the corner... Be sure to order your cookies today!

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